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The Pearl Girls Series

Sometimes, to get where you’re going, you have to revisit the place where your story began.

For The Pearl Girls, that place is the tiny town of New Hope, South Carolina, where their family has lived, flourished, struggled, and loved for generations. The Pearl Girls have been a force around New Hope since the original Pearl, Willa Pearl Lowry Honeycutt, began their family’s tradition of passing down one of her prized pearls to each daughter or daughter-in-law at the time of their marriage. Since their inception, The Pearl Girls have been a source of strength and support for each other, sharing their joys, sorrows, and secrets as family, friends, and neighbors.

Time passes, though, and things change, even in a little town like New Hope. Today’s Pearl Girls live in a different world, one that requires them to revisit the past and make peace in the present. As Bay, Reva, Elizabeth, Jude, and Caprice uncover their mothers’ secrets while grappling with challenges in their own lives, they must find the grace and courage to heal old wounds, redefine what family means, and make their way back home.

Girl & Guitar

Blossom - Book 1

With her music career tanking, her childhood sweetheart MIA in Afghanistan, and a cold war raging with her mama, the last place Bay Laurel LaFleur wants to go is home for Christmas. After the loss of her twin sister years earlier and her sudden breakup with Scott before his last deployment, old wounds between Bay and Violet are bound to break open when she makes an appearance in New Hope. 

But, left with nowhere else to turn, Bay retreats to her family home, where she stumbles over clues that unravel the mystery of her mama’s long-held secrets—secrets that could tear the LaFleurs apart. With both her own and her mama's mistakes laid bare, Bay battles to bring her family back home to each other, to blossom.


Trashy - Book 2

When Reva Tucker Patterson’s parents are reported for hoarding and a reality television show is called in to help with the cleanup, family secrets are exposed as they excavate the traumatic events of the past that led to her mother’s disorder. Reva forms an unlikely bond with the man who reported her parents to authorities, and as they navigate through her painful history, he helps her confront her failing marriage and stalled career so she can find the courage to let go of the life she so carefully planned and reach for the one she deserves.

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Lemons on Canvas

Still Life - Book 3

When Elizabeth McKinley emerges from her marriage with nothing but her shattered self esteem and a daughter who’s depending on her to hold it together, she struggles to find her footing as an artist in Savannah. When she’s commissioned by a wealthy property owner to paint scenes from an abandoned home on his property on Edisto Island, she’s drawn in to the story of the woman who last lived there, who disappeared with her family one night. Inspired by the uncanny parallels with her own mother’s disappearance, Elizabeth determines to find out what really happened the night her mother abandoned her and her sister.

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Girl in a Forest

Blessed Little Solace - Book 4

Jude Braxton’s estranged mother, Faye, is suspected of poisoning Jude’s stepfather, and the authorities suggest that Faye may have also been responsible for Jude’s father's death. When Faye makes a run for it, a very pregnant and recently widowed Jude pays The Pearl Girls a visit, asking them for help unraveling the mystery surrounding her father’s death. As Jude digs deep into her mother’s troubled past, she must come to terms with the parallels between her history and Faye’s, including the guilt she feels about her own husband’s death.

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Mountain Path

Idaho Falls - Book 5

Caprice Shaw jokes that she learned everything she never wanted to know from her mother, which is why she flew as fast and as far as she could from the daily chaos of her home, graduating high school early and making her way across the country to the mountains of Idaho, where the grit and determination she developed through her rough upbringing helped her build a new life set against the comfortingly rugged and unfamiliar backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains. When Caprice learns that her mother has died suddenly, she makes what she thinks will be a quick trip to New Hope to handle the burial and review the will, but when a letter from her mother reveals secrets about Caprice's adoption, she finds herself questioning everything she knows about herself and believes about family.

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A Culture of Pearls - Book 6

Willa Pearl Lowry Honeycutt’s rise from a hardscrabble upbringing in a still-unrecognized Native American tribe into the area’s cotillion crowd was the stuff of legends in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

For the most part, the legend is true. But when Jude shares the details of what her mother told her about Willa, the Pearl Girls set out together on a trip into their founder’s childhood in Apalachicola, Florida. What they discover about Willa Pearl—and each other—challenges their beliefs about the ties that bind their family together. Will the truth about their founder’s past break their bond, or bring them closer together?

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