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I am still learning

1. A week ago, I began a program with an amazing teacher and coach, Mastin Kipp. The material we're working through is so enlightening for me, and the sessions have been amazing. I know over time I'll have so much more to say, but right now I'm trying to absorb it all. I'm so grateful to have stumbled into the right opportunity for me at exactly the right time...I know that I'm on this particular road for a reason.

2. Rebooting my website -- and Three True things -- is a part of this journey now. I realized that I quit on these things when sharing pieces of myself started to feel scary. Being vulnerable is hard, but we all want to be seen, I think. Seen and accepted as we are. At least I do.

3. So, I'm going to keep showing up for coaching. And I'm going to keep showing up here, every day. Hopefully y'all can be patient with me while I get some actual content on this site, and as I keep showing up and sharing, you'll show up and share, too. <3

Thanks, y'all. Be true.

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Gina Heron

South Carolina

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