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On reflection

1. I was listening to Rob Bell's podcast this morning (one on Wisdom), and I had to stop and write down a quote:

"The problem with complaining is that complaining is energy spent that you coud have spent asking questions."

That resonated with me, because I've been in this process lately of reflecting on my choices, how I respond to situations, and what I've learned / am learning. I've been asking more questions, and I hope gaining some wisdom and insight.

2. Elizabeth Gilbert talks a lot about questioning and curiosity, specifically around creative work. She asserts that following your curiosity > following your passion in that regard. I tend to agree, because what a wonderful exercise of your creativity that is, to question and learn and then speak through it.

3. In my day job, as an agile expert, we conduct retrospectives to delve into what happened, good or bad, with our work. The goal is to ask "why" enough time to get to the root of any issue, with the goal of avoiding it in the future.

So, maybe when things go off the rails, if we ask more questions, get creative and curious about the problem, and learn something... we grow.

Gina Heron

South Carolina

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