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Let that shit go.

Because what you are holding onto—resentment, anger, frustration, regret—is holding you back, sucking your energy into a lower frequency, one you don’t want to operate in. Acknowledge it, refuse to let it control you, and choose to let it go.

And while you’re at it, let some other shit go, too. Clean out your closet, and your junk drawer (okay, I’ll get that tonight). Make a space for yourself that’s peaceful, quiet, a place where you can go to reflect and envision the brightness that is your future.

And once you have that vision in me here...let that go, too. Have faith in what’s coming and live in gratitude right now. Be where you are fully, do your work, and know that God’s got it handled.

So you can let that shit go.

#letgo #peace #vision #energy

Gina Heron

South Carolina

©2018 by Gina Heron.