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Perfect timing

I'm not the most patient person you're ever going to meet. I can be fairly patient with others, but with myself--my own goals, relationships, progress--not so much. I have that whole "I like things to happen, and if they don't happen I'll make them happen" attitude. That can be a good thing at times. I get shit done. If I set my mind to accomplishing a task, I organize around it, attack, and check that box. For getting things done, this mindset is awesome.

But then there are the things I can't quite control, the things I have to wait for. My insides rage against waiting. RAGE. Because when I want a thing to happen, I would like it to happen now, please and thank you. It's like there's a part of me that believes that when I have the idea of the thing, I am ready for the thing. Sometimes I am. But sometimes...

There's a reason for the waiting. I am experiencing, in this very moment, a life lesson around timing. It's still a little fresh and I'm not ready to lay out the details yet, but...I see that I needed to do some work--not on THIS thing, but in other areas of my life--to be ready for THIS thing. And while my attention was on improving those other areas, on becoming a better version of myself...

Just like that, he found me. (/cliffhanger)

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