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It's officially time...

June 1 is the start of my 91-day time away from distractions so I can focus on some priorities, like...

... getting good sleep and eating good food and showing myself a little love and kindness

... reading things that inspire me and teach me

... nurturing the relationships that grow me

... moving my body

... listening to my soul

... writing the stories

... doing the day job that I am fortunate to love

... playing music

... singing

... walking around barefoot in the grass

... remembering why I'm here

... preparing for what's coming next

... painting my nails

... watching the birds outside my window

... taking spontaneous road trips to wherever I end up

... reconnecting with the purpose I can serve with my life and my gifts

... letting myself feel everything as deeply as I want to

... loving myself, and my people. And people who aren't my people.

What could you do with some time off? Is there something calling to you that you'd love to be doing, if only there weren't so many distractions?

If so, find your quiet place, and think on this with me:

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" (from Summer Day, by Mary Oliver)

I'll tell you my answer in 91 days.

Gina Heron

South Carolina

©2018 by Gina Heron.